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Different people look differently.   It’s no secret that appearances say a lot.  If someone is happy or sad,  it obviously shows in their faces, as well as their demeanor.

I work in a unique industry where I come in contact with many different  people on a daily basis, and due to the nature of the business, political views usually get expressed.   This being the case,  I have become somewhat adept at identifying a person’s political affiliation before they even verbally reveal it,  just from their appearance.   Now admittedly, this is a generality, but overall it seems to hold true.


What does a Republican look and sound like?   Hmmm, well,  this can be broken into two separate categories:  younger Republicans, and older Republicans.   They both share the same ideology, and there are very similar physical traits, but with slight variances.

A)  OLDER REPUBLICANS.   This is someone, male or female,  middle-aged to elderly.   Generally, this person looks and sounds a bit cranky all of the time.  Where males are concerned, they are usually military veterans, and look as though a broomstick was stuck up their butt and never removed.   They give off a “I don’t trust ANYBODY” vibe, and usually have barbed wire voices that have a distinctive sour tone.  It’s always very obvious that this person has NEVER been “cool”, nor has any knowledge of, or interest in being cool whatsoever!   Nope, they believe everyone should be a cranky old distrustful turd like them, and anyone who isn’t simply  MUST be a dreaded liberal socialist  Democrat.  For the females, it’s basically the same thing, except they have boobs, which they are usually ashamed of.   Older Republican females give off a submissive vibe,  being trained from birth to yield authority to the dominant Republican male of the household.  After all,  it’s what the Bible teaches.

B) YOUNGER REPUBLICANS.   Male or female, younger Republicans come across as more self-assured, and less distrusting than their older counterparts.  They have a ” screwing someone over is the natural way of things” air about them.  They’ve determined that all of their enemies, (i.e. evil liberals) will all soon be destroyed, and they will inherit the earth.  They suffer from a false sense of security that many times leads them to recklessly blurt out their most narrow-minded conservative viewpoints with the assumption that everyone will automatically agree with them!  Isn’t everyone a conservative Republican??   They are somewhat harder to spot than older Republicans because they appear to blend in with a more contemporary appearance and demeanor, but make no mistake, they can be identified.  All Republicans, I repeat ALL,  young or old, share one common trait that is unmistakable;  the same glazed over, empty blank stare in their eyes.  Unmistakable!   Now, before you accuse me of exaggerated stereotyping,  let me point out that it is a clinical fact that people who suffer from delusional mental disorders almost always display a very distinctive look in their eyes.  And there is no one  more delusional than a Republican!!   I rest my case!



It’s no secret Republican airbag Rush Limbaugh hates Democrats.  And Democrats hate Limbaugh in return.  Today on Limbaugh’s radio show, the conservative blowhard made headlines by openly saying that he “hopes Obama fails”.   This after all the warm and fuzzy commentary by all of the news media during the Obama inauguration about “one America”,  and the power of Obama to “unite” the country and work bi-partisan with Republicans.  

You see, because of people like Rush Limbaugh, there can never, and WILL never be “one America”.   Because conservatives always have, and always will view the world with a “Us versus Them” mentality.   It was the hallmark of the Bush administration’s approach to everything for the last eight years.  And it is the way conservatives WANT the world to be.  They WANT enemies at every turn.  Why?  So they can flex their muscles,  declare the opposition “evil”,  and then feel self righteously “holy” by launching a war like campaign to destroy the perceived “evil”, thereby proving to themselves  (and God) that they are the protectors of all that is “right”.  My how their inflated egos must tickle with joy every time they indulge in such a fantasy.  

So Rush “The Windbag” Limbaugh openly states that he hopes Barack Obama, the legally and lawfully elected president of  The United States of America,  Limbaugh’s own home country, fails.   Does anyone happen to remember the conservative outrage that was vented over the claim that ANY American who protested against the war in Irag was “hoping that America fails”?   Republican airbags like Sean “The Idiot”  Hannity railed daily, expressing outrage that ANY American would be so “evil” as to actually HOPE that America would fail!  Well,  let’s see if conservative outrage targets Limbaugh in the same manner, because when Limbaugh says that he hopes Barack Obama fails,  he is essentially saying the same thing;  that he hopes America fails! 

Something tells me windbags like Hannity,  Bill “Bozo” O’ Reilly, and the myriad other conservative idiots out there will most likely brush over Limbaugh’s comment without mention.  Why?  Because in actuality, they are ALL hoping that Obama fails, or at least screws up in some manner.  Because to conservatives there isn’t,  and can never be, “one America”.  One America would mean that they might not have the power to crush the “evil” opposition that disagrees with their agenda.  One America would mean that people who they do not believe should be allowed to be heard, might actually be able to exercise their “freedom of speech”.  One America would mean that all of those in the middle class who work to enrich and empower the wealthiest corporations might actually be entitled to “handouts”, otherwise known as benefits.  Yes,  if Rush “The Windbag” Limbaugh and other conservative hypocrites have their way, there will never be “one America”.


The 2008 presidential election will go down in history as an historical event,  with Barack Obama becoming the first African-American President of the United States.  But the election was, of course, about much more than just the first black candidate.  After eight years of rampant, corrupt, conservative style corporate politics under George W. Bush,  most in the downtrodden middle class knew it was time for a change of direction.  Republican John McCain,  who admitted to supporting Bush over 90% of the time,  was NOT the candidate of change, as he tried to sell himself,  but rather more of the same.  So on Tuesday, November 4, 2008,  the election returns began rolling in state by state.

Now this is where it gets interesting.  Even though John McCain, and his VP candidate Sarah Palin, had many fervently emotional supporters, who, despite the fact that another Republican administration would mean the almost total annihilation of the working class, were willingly stupid enough to vote Republican AGAIN,  Obama either won outright, or did very well even in traditional Republican territory where McCain finished ahead in the count.  That is, all except for four traditionally “red” states.  Yes,  while most of the population was  intelligent enough to be a part of what will go down as a milestone moment in American history, and while most Americans knew instinctively that it was time for a change of policy in Washington D.C., residents of the states of Wyoming,  Idaho,  Utah, and the good old Republican stronghold of Oklahoma,  went solidly and decisively for John McCain.  McCain’s average margin of victory in each of those four states was approximately 65% to 35%  over Obama.  The gap was closer even in John McCain’s home state of Arizona, as well as the state of Texas,  Bush’s home turf,  which usually goes Republican.  So apparently, a large majority of the residents of Wyoming,  Idaho,  Utah, and of course, Oklahoma felt that despite the fact their voting Republican twice for George W. Bush left the country in shambles and threatened their very livelihood,  they thought it was a good idea to elect another Republican, who supported Bush’s failed policies 90% of the time,  to finish the job!  Of course, it’s probably no coincidence that the four states in question have a history of being very, shall we say, Caucasian?  There’s little doubt that race played at least some role in the election returns from those four states.  So after the dust settled, and America took a giant step for progress, four states stood in stark resistance to the undeniable call for change;  Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, and of course, Oklahoma.  Four states that said, “No, we want Republicans to continue to choke us dry, and empower big corporations and oil companies, as they have for the last eight years.”

But not all of the blame for being the most stupid people in America can be placed solely on the residents of these four backward Republican voting states.  After all, they were just following orders.  The orders given them by right wing talk show Nazis’ such as Sean “The Idiot” Hannity and Rush “The Windbag” Limbaugh,  who tried so desperately to influence the outcome with smear tactic propaganda about the “scary, radical, left wing, liberal, extremist, terrorist, Muslim, anti-American associations” of Barack Obama.  Planting that kind of propaganda into the heads of rednecks in those four states is like giving a book of matches to an arsonist.  And naturally, the voters in redneck America who were most susceptible to that kind of nonsense voted accordingly.

So congratulations to the backward, redneck Republican voters of Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, and last but not least, Oklahoma, a.k.a. “Republican H.Q.”.  They exercised their democratic rights, and let their voices be heard.  Now we here at The Scorpion’s Tail bestow upon them the fitting reward for their efforts, and hereby proclaim them THE DUMBEST PEOPLE IN AMERICA.


palin-pig-2“Gosh darn it,  does this mean I have to go back to Alaska with Joe Sixpack? Gee whiz! I guess the next time I see old Vladimir Putin from my back porch, I’ll just wave and say “Lucky for you fella”.  And I’ll be lookin’ to read articles about the election in all my favorite newspapers and magazines tomorrow. Publications like, uh,…….like….gosh darn it!”


Residents of the state of Nevada are facing a unique dilemma unlike anything facing residents of other states.  The U.S. government is constructing a nuclear waste dump site at Yucca mountain,  a location very near the city of Las Vegas, the most heavily populated area in the state.  In fact, in order to get the waste to the dump site it would have to be transported straight through the heart of downtown Las Vegas.  Even though the waste would be stored in heavily reinforced containers, one accident or mistake could cause contamination of radiation over a large scale populated area.  As one can easily imagine, residents of the area are not happy with the idea, and have been vehemently opposing the plan for years.  Yet, despite the fact that the people of Nevada have repeatedly said “NO”, the plan to use Yucca mountain as a nuclear waste dump site goes forward.  Why is the government ignoring the wishes of the people, and so carelessly willing to put them at risk?  When the plan to find a suitable location to dump nuclear waste first began, several different areas were considered.  Obviously, the ideal region would be someplace remote with very little population or human activity.  Naturally, the desert southwest became the prime candidate.  The desert regions of the United States stretch from the western most part of Texas, through New Mexico, the southern half of Utah,  southern Nevada, the southeastern part of California, and the entire state of Arizona.  Arizona, which borders Nevada, is the only state that can be truly classified as being entirely desert. Interestingly,  Republican John McCain was governor of Arizona at the time that a suitable location for dumping nuclear waste was being scouted.  McCain’s Arizona was eventually somehow eliminated   from the list of desirable locations for the site.  So the only state in the country that is geographically a total desert could not find a place remote and secure enough to dump nuclear waste?  As a side note, McCain angered many residents of Nevada, including many local politicians, when he introduced a bill in Washington to ban all legalized gambling on sports, something that would have had an enormous economic impact on the casino industry, which is the prime industry in Nevada.  Since legalized sports betting exists ONLY in Nevada, some in the state took the bill as direct evidence that McCain was “out to get” his neighbors.  The bill eventually fizzled in Washington, but the bad taste remained in Nevada.  The plan to use Yucca mountain to dump dangerous nuclear waste on the doorstep of the city of Las Vegas is now supported by John McCain,  who has said he will go forward with constructing the site if he is elected President.  Both George Bush senior, and the current incarnation of Bush also supported using Yucca mountain as a dump site, regardless of the objections of the people of Nevada.  President Clinton opposed Yucca mountain, along with most Democrats, and Barack Obama has said that he also opposes using the location as a dump site.  Now, anyone paying attention should be able to spot the pattern here.  Why are Republicans so hell bent on constructing a dangerous nuclear waste dump site in a location so near a populated area where the residents have clearly said they do not want it built?  It’s very simple. Huge contracts in the billions of dollars are being handed out to companies involved in building Yucca mountain, and as has been noted many times here at The Scorpion’s Tail,  REPUBLICANS CONSISTENTLY AND REPEATEDLY PUT THE INTERESTS OF BIG BUSINESS AHEAD OF THE NEEDS AND WISHES OF WORKING MIDDLE CLASS AMERICANS EVERY TIME.  How many examples will it take before the average Joe Dumb American buys a clue?  We have seen the war in Irag begin and proceed over the outright lies of hidden WOMDs.  Hundreds of millions of dollars in profits are being made, and will continue to be made by the likes of Dick Cheney’s Haliburton and other large U.S. corporations involved in the “war on terror”.  While thousands of soldiers and countless civilians die in the war, companies are raking in massive profits.  We’ve seen Republicans give and protect tax breaks for big oil companies, the very same oil companies that are squeezing the working middle class of America to the breaking point.  And in the state of Nevada there is a mountain site right in the backyard of everyday working class citizens that is being designed to store hazardous radioactive nuclear waste, even though the people of that area have repeatedly said “NO” to the project.  The last time I checked, Nevada was still part of the United States. Yet, Republicans are intent on building Yucca mountain regardless of, and totally against the wishes of the residents of Nevada,  who are being bullied like the inhabitants of some poor third world country by their own government. At least,  that’s the case when Republicans are elected.  And the logical progression of thought leads any sensible person to wonder if John McCain and his Republican partners in crime would blatantly ignore the people of Nevada and put their safety at risk for profit, what other risks will they place average working Americans in to increase profits for their friends in big business?


So, here we have the next Republican who wants working class Americans to believe that he “cares” about them.  Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign is following the same pattern as previous GOP campaigns, which is to paint his Democratic opponent (in this case Barack Obama) as a leftist liberal who’ll raise taxes, in an attempt, of course, to scare Americans into voting Republican.  And the average Joe Dumb American, who mainly resides in redneck middle America, will fall for this charade over and over again, as is evidenced by the last eight years of stupidity.  Never mind the fact that it was Dubyuh’s own daddy, George Bush senior, who made the famous campaign promise “read my lips, no new taxes”, and then proceeded to pass the largest tax hike in U.S. history.  Never mind the fact that EVERY Republican president of the last 4 decades has carelessly and recklessly increased unemployment and the national debt.  No, redneck Americans fall for Republican scare tactics every time, only to find themselves suffering through more hard times and misery courtesy of the Republican party. 

Redneck voters have their own unique way of choosing who they’ll vote for.  They do not rely on objective reasoning or factual information, common sense, or logic, or even intelligence, but rather on which of the two candidates is most redneck like them. Combine that with right wing “evil liberal” scare tactic propaganda, and you have a whole bunch of really DUMB working class rednecks in middle America voting for the party who is, in reality, actually AGAINST the working class!

This is precisely what has allowed George W. Bush to infest the White House for the last eight years.  Rednecks saw Dubyuh as one of them. He mumbles with a twang and likes to bomb people, and that’s good enough for them!  How could you possibly lose with a guy who lives by the redneck code of shoot first, lie about it later?  Unfortunately, they are finding out the hard way, along with the rest of the country, just how wrong they were.  

But rednecks have short memory spans to match their low I.Q.s.  They will fall for Republican propaganda over and over again.  And in the case of Barack Obama, it’s even easier for them to forget.  It’s a matter of historical fact that rednecks and people of African ethnicity do not get along very well, to put it mildly.  All Mr. Joe Dumb American has to do is turn on any of the right wing Nazi talk shows, such as Sean “The Idiot” Hannity,  Glenn “Blank Eyes” Beck,  or Bill “Bozo” O’Reilly,  catch a whiff of conservative mud slinging, and John McCain will have their vote hands down!  Never mind that McCain will continue on the same destructive economic path as Bush, putting working class Americans (including rednecks) in more tight, economic despair. Never mind that the Republican way throughout history is to always put the working class last behind the interests of corporate America.  Nope, all Mr. Joe Dumb American cares about is which guy looks and sounds like him, and shoots at the “bad guys”.   

Mr. Joe Dumb American never has caught on to the fact that when a Republican says that he will “keep government out of your life”, what he REALLY means is “THE REPUBLICAN PARTY WILL NOT LIFT A FINGER FOR YOU,  WORKING CLASS AMERICANS!”.  When Republicans talk about “cutting spending”, what they REALLY mean is “WE ARE GOING TO MAKE SURE THAT WE DEVOTE AS LITTLE RESOURCES AS POSSIBLE TO YOUR NEEDS,  WORKING CLASS AMERICANS”!.  And all of the tax dollars that Americans always end up paying ANYWAY will not go towards one single solitary benefit for the working middle class. 

Never before in modern times has there been such an enormous gap between the classes in America,  with the middle class fast becoming an endangered species. Under eight years of George W. Bush’s tyranny the rich have gotten richer, while the poor have become poorer. But Mr. Joe Dumb American is ready and willing to vote Republican AGAIN,  and drive the final nails into his own coffin.  Because Mr. Joe Dumb American is a complete idiot. Those are the facts people, plain and simple.  And if you’re one of the many dumbass rednecks or conservative fools out there who just doesn’t “get it”,  you are pathetic. There’s an old saying that goes, “A fool can be found on any corner, while wise men are a rare breed”. Unfortunately,  it sounds like a perfect description of the American population.


CNN’s Glen Beck is the new blood in the long line of conservative talk show hosts who’s apparent mission is to carry on the Rush Limbaugh tradition of blowing hot air.  In fact, it is transparently obvious that Beck has been heavily influenced by Limbaugh, and is borrowing much from the blowhard’s style.  With his signature line “Cut the crap”, it’s pretty clear in watching him bellow and rant that Beck just loves the sound of his own voice,  but hey, what conservative doesn’t?  Beck employs the usual one dimensional view of the world that conservatives everywhere hold dear, and what he touts as common sense observation is nothing more than the typical narrow minded arrogance that is the hallmark of the conservative mindset. His ratings will probably stay high enough to keep him around for awhile as the average Joe Dumb American will have the usual knee jerk reaction to all of the right wing button pushing that Beck has learned to do so well at good ‘ole Conservative U, and will no doubt tune in regularly for their dose of recycled propaganda.  In fact, after watching a portion of Beck’s show (I’m not sure it’s humanly possible to endure the entire program) I’d say that he’s possibly on pace to become the most obnoxious windbag EVER in conservative windbag history.  With his empty, blank, glazed over eyes, and his pompous, right wing smirk, Beck claims that while he is a conservative, he is “not a Republican”.  Yet,  pictured above is Beck with Mr. Republican himself,  Rush “The Windbag” Limbaugh, whom he sites as a hero and major influence.  And in the portions of Beck’s show that I’ve viewed,  he relentlessly engaged in the usual conservative/Republican character assassination of Barack Obama and other key Democratic figures, in an attempt, of course, to tip the coming election to the conservative side, i.e. THE REPUBLICAN SIDE.  You see,  that’s what conservatives/ Republicans do best, they pretend to be something they’re not, while misrepresenting the facts.  The past eight years has clearly and unequivocally shown this to be true.  But good ‘ole Redneck Joe Dumb American is easy prey for someone like “Blank Eyes” Beck, who knows all too well that Redneck Joe is scared stiff of “evil liberals” who come from strange, far away places like Massachusetts and California.  Redneck Joe is ALWAYS ready and willing to believe that anyone who looks and sounds different than him is out to get his money and his freedom.  So Beck and his conservative cohorts march on,  spewing the same fear mongering propaganda that they know will scare the wits out of poor, stupid Redneck Joe.  And Mr. Redneck Joe Dumb American is always ready to listen.


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